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Who We Are

The RAGE Works Podcast Network specializes in Rants about Gaming, Entertainment, and “The Works”.  We got you covered from MMA and pro-wrestling all the way to latest shows, movies, sports and real world happenings. Press play and see what we're all about.

Our Hosts

The RAGE Works Network is built with a diverse group of talent from all across the country and from all across New York City. Meet the minds behind the network and all your favorite shows.

Rich butler

Founder, CEO, Host of Toys & Tech of the Trade

The brains behind the RAGE Works brand. Rich handles day to day operations of the company and occasionally gets behind the mic to do a show or two.

Jay Santy

Host, Turnbuckle Tabloid, TRSS

Jay Santy has been a mainstay on the RAGE Works team and when not talking sports he's dissecting all the latest happenings in the world of pro wrestling.


Co-Host, Turnbuckle Tabloid

Turnbuckle Tabloid co-host and the unofficial "Robin Quivers" to Jay's Howard Stern.


Host, Call Me When It's Over

The founder of Painted in Blue and the voice behind the network's resident culturecast Call Me When It's Over

Alexis A. McCoy

Co-Host, Call Me When It's Over

Alexis is a brand new addition to the RAGE Works family but holds it down alongside Josiesboy for Call When It's Over.

benjamin anderson

Host, Black is the New Black

Ben joined RAGE Works as strictly an MMA correspondent but Ben changed the game when he launched Black is the New Black alongside Taylor.

Taylor Smith

Co-Host, Black is the New Black

Taylor aka Gerald Levert Jr. brings the heat alongside Ben during Black is the New Black.

Jose Betancourt

Host, Cheese! A Photography Podcast

Jose Betancourt aka JVB is 10+ year podcast veteran. This gaming enthusiast traded in his controller for a camera and has been delivering stellar images ever since. When not hosting CAPP you can find JVB hosting Talking About Games and creating YouTube content

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