Xavier Woods

Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 288

It’s Just Words Disclaimer: In this episode, Jay sits with Hank Flanagan for Hank’s Happy Hour and discusses derogatory words used by some individuals and how Impactful they are. Also, Jay discusses the career and impact of WWE superstar and New Day member Xavier Woods on Cutting A Promo. The views expressed on air during…

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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 203

Winter Came and Blew Jay and Olskey are amped up this week with the release of an anticipated video game as well as the possibility of another lockdown. Also, this episode: NXT TakeOver WarGames review Xavier Woods leaving wrestling? CM Punk on wrestling again Where is House of Glory Wrestling? NXT injuries The passing of…

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Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 91

The views expressed on air during Turnbuckle Tabloid do not represent the views of the RAGE Works staff, partners or affiliates. Listener discretion is advised. Show Notes “Trading Places” It’s role reversal on this week’s episode of Turnbuckle Tabloid and Olskey learns what it takes to be in Jay’s shoes. This week is full of…

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