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Trek Untold Episode 38: Jeff Russo, Composer of “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard”

Jeff Russo has gone from rock bands in NYC to composing scores for Hollywood, and Trek fans will know him best for creating the music for “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard.” Before he started scoring soundtracks, Jeff was part of the Grammy-nominated band TONIC, whose music you can hear in “Scream 2” and…

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Trek Untold Episode 32: Ben Robinson, Star Trek Book Author & Head of Hero Collector

If you collect anything from Star Trek, chances are you have at least one of those Hero Collector diecast starships somewhere in it. Today, we’re speaking with the man responsible for that line, Ben Robinson. Ben is the head of Hero Collector, a division of Eaglemoss, and has been the man behind their Star Trek,…

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Trek Untold Episode 6: Tim Storms – Patrick Stewart’s Stunt Double

Today’s guest is an invisible warrior who you have seen on-screen plenty of times, but rarely his face. Tim Storms is a stunt performer who appeared in several episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise,” but you may remember his most recent work as Sir Patrick Stewart’s stunt double in “Star Trek: Picard.” Storms has been doubling…

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