Lycia Naff

Trek Untold Bonus Minisode: Lycia Naff returns as Captain Sonya Gomez in “Star Trek: Lower Decks”

About a year ago, we posted our interview with Lycia Naff, which quickly became one of our most popular episodes. Who knew that today she would make a triumphant return to the Star Trek universe, reprising her character of Ensign Sonya Gomez. Only this time, it’s Captain Gomez aboard the USS Archimedes! Yup, she got…

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Trek Untold Episode 34: Best of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Guests from 2020

In this episode of “Trek Untold,” we take a trip back in time, but not too far back so we don’t get in trouble with any temporal agents. We’re revisiting some stories from past guests this year who appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, including our episodes with Ursaline Bryant, Spencer Garrett, Erick Avari,…

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Trek Untold Episode 30: Lycia Naff AKA Ensign Sonya Gomez on “Star Trek TNG”

Lycia Naff is known best to Star Trek fans for her two appearances in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as Ensign Sonya Gomez from the second season episodes “Q Who” and “Samaritan Snare.” Meant to be a love interest for Geordi LaForge, things didn’t work out for Ensign Gomez after spilling her hot chocolate on…

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