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Trek Untold Episode 54: John Fleck, Silik on “Star Trek: Enterprise” & Other Aliens on TNG, DS9 and VOY

John Fleck has the distinction of being one of the few performers to have roles in every series from the second wave of Trek shows. He was the Romulan Taibak in Star Trek TNG “The Mind’s Eye”, a Cardassian overseer in DS9 “The Homecoming”, as well as Ornithar from “The Search” and another Romulan named…

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Trek Untold Episode 49: Paul R. Coyle, Writer on Star Trek TNG, DS9 & VOY

Paul Robert Coyle has a storied past when it comes to writing television, pun intended. He has worked on and contributed to scripts for “Simon & Simo,” “Barnaby Jones,” “CHiPs,” “Superboy,” and more, but most listeners today would know him best for his work on several Star Trek episodes and his time on “Hercules” and…

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Trek Untold Episode 21: Star Trek Historian Marc Cushman

The true history of the original Star Trek is one that has only really been unraveled in the last 20 years, and that is predominantly thanks to today’s guest, Marc Cushman. Marc is the author of “These Are The Voyages”, six books that chronicle the history of the original Star Trek series with the most…

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