Funko Pop!

The Funkohub POPcast-Episode 6

Exile Collects (Part 1) This week Matt is joined by the host of “What’s Poppin” Exile Collects (@ExileCollects) as they dive into how they met online and the creation of his show. Also discussed in this episode: Thrift store finds Personal grails What’s Poppin season 3 announcement The views expressed on air during the Funkohub…

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The Funkohub POPcast-Episode 4

New Year, New Pops 2020 is behind us, and things are looking exciting for 2021 in the Funko community. This week we discuss our thoughts on holiday-themed pops and what Funko could do to change them for the better. We also talk about the Funko year in review and our favorite Funko Pops of 2020….

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The Funkohub POPcast-Episode 2

Pop! Rocks In this week’s episode, Matt discusses his love for music and why the Funko Pop! Rocks line is so important within the community. Jay Santy from Turnbuckle Tabloid joins the show, and he and Matt discuss their favorite musicians and who should be turned into a Funko Pop! figure. Matt and Jay also…

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