The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 16

Daryl “BugzviiI” John: So you want to be a pro-gamer? There are many takes when it comes to eSports and how you can make it as a pro gamer, but how about getting a first-hand breakdown of that journey. This week’s Eat 4 Life podcast guest does just that! Daryl “Bugzvii” John is a pro…

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The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 12

Unboxings, Bonus Content, And Plenty Of Gems This week The Eat 4 Life Podcast crew takes it off the live format and tackles this week’s gaming headlines. Here are some of the news items the hosts tackle this week. Marcus NFL and Skillz seeking indie games for mobile Esports 2021 State of the Game Industry…

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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 97- Bloodstain Lane & Prodigy X

For our 97th episode we were joined by two separate guests to cover to subjects near and dear to our listeners. Our first guest was Bloodstain Lane who was making his second appearance on MTR. BSL stopped in to discuss the Strikeforce Grand Prix and to announce the launch of the Team Takeover website which…

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