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Trek Untold Episode 34: Best of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Guests from 2020

In this episode of “Trek Untold,” we take a trip back in time, but not too far back so we don’t get in trouble with any temporal agents. We’re revisiting some stories from past guests this year who appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, including our episodes with Ursaline Bryant, Spencer Garrett, Erick Avari,…

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Trek Untold Episode 22: Alex Datcher, Ensign Tait on Star Trek TNG

The lower decks crew aboard a starship rarely get the recognition they deserve, so today, we get to chat with a Starfleet member whose quick thinking saved the entire Enterprise. Alex Datcher played Ensign Tait on the season 7 opener “Descent Part 2” in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and it was a dream come…

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