GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse

The “GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse” podcast helps prepare you for your digital future. Hosted by LinkedIn’s 2021 Top Voice for Sports, Marcus Howard chats with the top innovators and thought leaders in NFTs, the Metaverse, and blockchain gaming. Marcus also brings on listeners from the audience for a live Q&A session with his featured guests in each episode. This podcast is powered by GamiFi, a next-gen platform that launches blockchain-enabled gaming platforms.

GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 3

A Conversation with Wormhole Labs CEO Phil Ranta Episode 3 of the podcast features Phil Ranta, CEO of Wormhole Labs. Phil’s been ahead of the curve for a decade, from esports to the metaverse.┬áHe helped lead disruption at Fullscreen, Mobcrush, and Facebook Gaming. Now, he and the Wormhole team are creating technology that lets you…

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GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 2

A Conversation with Nifty World Founder Becks Perfect Episode 2 of the podcast features Becks Perfect, the Founder of Nifty World. She immersed herself into the NFT ecosystem a year ago, and it opened her eyes to the incredible financial freedom that cryptocurrencies and digital tokens can create. As a result, Becks had enough success…

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GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 1

A Conversation with Big Esports Founder/CEO Chris Smith Episode 1 of the podcast welcomes Chris Smith, the Founder, and CEO of BIG Esports. Chris is a former competitive gaming professional who now leads an influencer marketing agency helping brands authentically engage gamers. In 2020, he published a list of predicted trends for the gaming industry…

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