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We do it all for the culture! Josiesboy, a.k.a “your girls' favorite artist,” and Alexis A. McCoy are two creatives that use their voices to help shape, mold, and move forward the culture while talking a little smack along the way. But of course, it's all for the culture. Call Me When It's Over is more than just a podcast. It's a culture cast where we live by one special saying ....speak up, speak out and leave your ego at the door.

Call Me When It’s Over-Episode 219

Remember the Time

We hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas weekend! To all of those who feel like they don't have anyone around, let us keep you company with this week's episode of Call Me When It's Over. On this week's show, “Remember the Time,” Josiesboy and Alexis are thankful for seeing another Christmas roll around….and a few other things, of course.


  • What do YouTube and podcasting have in common?
  • Revisiting You Got Served: The best, worse movie ever
  • Unrealistically Dating: What are your standards?

Intro Music

  • Song by: Marlene Victoria
  • Produced by: Benbladz

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