Atomic Business Coaching

Hosted ByAdam Hurd & Tom Marino

Adam and Tom saw the opportunity to combine their skillsets, life learnings, and know-how for a higher good. Together they could help entrepreneurs exponentially increase their success!

When you bring two powerful forces of wisdom together, with completely different perspectives and knowledge bases, to work towards a single mission for one dedicated client, the potential is limitless! Ready to reach your highest ambitions? Let's get started!

Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 1

How Six Simple Questions Bring Clarity to Your Small Business Decisions

From the depths of experience, knowledge, and creativity come, Adam and Tom, the dynamic duo behind Atomic Business Coaching. They invite you to join them on their new podcast as they look at how small business owners can leverage this platform for growth and success. Through candid conversations about relationship building, clear direction from different perspectives, and an overview of their distinctive 5WH program, tune in to discover your path forward with confidence!

On this first episode of the Atomic Business Coaching Podcast, Adam and Tom will discuss the following:

  • Their desire to help small business owners and entrepreneurs through this podcast.
  • How working together collaboratively, they help business owners find confidence and clarity in their decision-making.
  • How their approaches are different, and their clients benefit from a wealth of new perspectives.
  • The overview of their 5WH program and how all business owners need to answer Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How questions for their business and personal lives.

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